Cortona – The Wild Dogs

Our taxi driver Enzo turned to me flashed a brilliant smile and says: “There is an old saying in Italy, it goes Quando la pecora muore, i cani selvaggi sono fortunati. It means when sheep die, the wild dogs are lucky”. He then proceeds to throw his back and laugh wildly while nearly swerving down... Continue Reading →

A Venetian Tragedy

Venice is a city in peril. Slowly sinking from regular flooding, overcrowding from tourists and residents fleeing by the thousands, its popularity threatens to destroy its unique character and mother nature is determined to drown the rest. Each visit Mr 77 and I see water levels higher, steps we once sat on lay submerged, St... Continue Reading →

Venice – A 3 day Guide

“At the bridge I stood lately in the brown night. From afar came a song: as a golden drop it welled over the quivering surface. Gondolas, lights, and music — drunken it swam out into the twilight. My soul, a stringed instrument, sang to itself, invisibly touched, a secret gondola song, quivering with iridescent happiness.... Continue Reading →

The Dolomites – Bring the Cattle Down from the Mountain Pasture Festival !

Deep in the Val Gardena Valley,  the enchanting town of Selva di Val Gardena nestles amongst the towering peaks of the Sella and Sassolungo mountains in the Dolomites of northern Italy.  It is a place where tradition runs deep and cows are a big deal. The spectacular scenery and my love of quirky festivals led me... Continue Reading →

Procida – the enchanting isle!

...There are orchards and vineyards that look like imperial gardens. There are beaches of fine white sand and smaller beaches covered with pebbles and shells, hidden between great cliffs that overhang the water.  Seagulls nest in the rocks there, and wild tortoises, and in the early morning, you can hear the birds cries... On calm... Continue Reading →

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