Going Cruising

This time in two weeks, I will be cruising the high seas on  the Pacific Jewel, a ship which is part of the P & O network. http://www.pocruises.com.au/pages/default.aspx

This will be my first cruise and to be honest,  I have no idea what to expect and I am a little excited and also a little apprehensive. 

My own extensive polling  of friends and family has led me to believe that people who have been cruising fall into two camps, “loved it” or “hated it”.  It seems mostly the later category were  weather dependent. 

My own extensive cruise research as consisted of watching re-runs of the Love Boat, Poseidon Adventure and Titanic.   Probably a stupid idea since the ships in the last two films sank. 

My husband assures me however that  that there are no icebergs in the Pacific and that if a tsunami slams into us at sea that it will be like going over  speed bump on the road (albeit a very large speed bump).

The Love Boat  has also given me completely unrealistic romantic ideas about dining on the  the “high seas” (the fact I am referring to high seas is alarming in itself !)  and I am already daydreaming about glamorous nights spend dining at the captains table, and the captain looking remarkably like Captain Stubing.  My husband is questioning my wisdom of packing a ballgown and pearls ! 

The P & O website is great, and it has been  exciting  personalising  the trip with the “cruise personaliser”  being able to review destinations and look at shore tours.  I  have booked some shore tours already  and have scoured the things to do section of the Pacific Jewel.   With two weeks to go the excitement is really starting to build. 

But with the excitement comes the mild apprehension, “will I like it ?”, “will there be enough to do ?” I am usually the type of traveller who avoids package tours like the plague.   Most importantly, I am wondering if I  will  spend 10 days  of precious holiday seasick.  I have been  assured  that ginger tablets work a treat, so these little beauties are on my  “to do” list to purchase prior to departure.

Secretly, I am hoping that I will fall into the category of “people who love cruising” as it is an affordable way of seeing the pacific and environmentally friendly posing less of a carbon imprint.  

So cast of the line and scrub the decks, Captain Stubing here I come !

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