My Story

I love to travel and I love to write.

Like a lot of  Aussie kids, I grew up camping, sailing and holidaying in nature or at caravan parks.    The yearning for adventure my mum and stepdad gave me in my early years led me to book my first overseas holiday to Bali in 1991, when I was 17.

I never looked back, the travel bug bit me hard and I have visited more than 30 countries since that first Garuda flight.

A journey begins for me with an idea.  It then grows as I spend hours reading and researching over the Internet;  blogs, websites and pinterest for information about my destination.  I read books about the places I want to go, watch movies and scan magazines to ensure I can have the best possible experience.

This blog started as way to help friends and family traverse the globe.  I kept getting asked to write an itinerary for where they wanted to travel.   This blog is to share  my experience and help others find the freedom and joy of travel.

It is also a little bit of therapy.  I am now raising a young family so the three month backpacking trips are for the time limited to happy memories.  Writing helps me revisit this journeys I have taken.

Gate 77 is definitely not about the latest hipster hangouts or for those seeking hard core action adventure.  If you are after that, you’ll need another blog.   I have never been cool and whilst I like to hike, kayak and board ride,  hardcore adventure is not how I am wired.  I am an average traveller.  I like to rough it sometimes,  I like to wing it and have travelled independently but I  also like the comfort of hotels and the path most travelled.

I have enjoyed package tours, jump on jump off buses and have backpacked on my own.  I don’t believe in travel snobbery .  I just believe in travel.    Each adventure, experience and location is like opening a present, full of excitement and wonder.

What I do hope,  is that this blog helps you take the plunge and engage in the amazing world we live in.  That it helps you to get out there to try new places and encourages you to get to know the people around you wherever you are.

Don’t be afraid to try new and exciting experiences, embrace the differences of this world and absorb the beauty of our fragile planet.  Mostly I hope it lets you escape from your routine, helps you decide where you want to go.

I now have a baby and a dog, so the focus will shift no doubt to more family friendly experiences and locations.   Fortune being favourable,  I still hope to do many trips with my little family, and cannot wait to share these with you.

Until then, enjoy the tips, memories, guides and the latest experiences.  Please indulge my random musings on life and parenting.

I wish you happy travels and I hope to see you on the road or at Gate 77 checking in soon.


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