Procida – the enchanting isle!

...There are orchards and vineyards that look like imperial gardens. There are beaches of fine white sand and smaller beaches covered with pebbles and shells, hidden between great cliffs that overhang the water.  Seagulls nest in the rocks there, and wild tortoises, and in the early morning, you can hear the birds cries... On calm... Continue Reading →

Ischia – Poetry, Passion, Pirates & Plagues

Once more, once more, Inarime*, I see thy purple hills!--once more I hear the billows of the bay Wash the white pebbles on thy shore. High o'er the sea-surge and the sands, Like a great galleon wrecked and cast ashore by storms, thy castle stands, A mouldering landmark of the Past... Birds of Passage,  Flight... Continue Reading →

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