Selva Val Gardina

"You may have the universe if I may have Italy." - Giuseppe Verdi, Italian composer. At 2,681 metres strange things can happen. While we were admiring the sun glinting off the glacier of Mt Marmolada, Mr 77 got whacked in his privates with the pointy end of a Nordic walking stick. I turned to exclaim... Continue Reading →

The Dolomites – Bring the Cattle Down from the Mountain Pasture Festival !

Deep in the Val Gardena Valley,  the enchanting town of Selva di Val Gardena nestles amongst the towering peaks of the Sella and Sassolungo mountains in the Dolomites of northern Italy.  It is a place where tradition runs deep and cows are a big deal. The spectacular scenery and my love of quirky festivals led me... Continue Reading →

Procida – the enchanting isle!

...There are orchards and vineyards that look like imperial gardens. There are beaches of fine white sand and smaller beaches covered with pebbles and shells, hidden between great cliffs that overhang the water.  Seagulls nest in the rocks there, and wild tortoises, and in the early morning, you can hear the birds cries... On calm... Continue Reading →

Rome – 1 Day Walking Itinerary of Rome- Featuring Roman Holiday, Emperors Footsteps and Rome’s oldest bridge

1 Day Walking Tour of RomeFulvia, our host from  My Rome Apartments is full of energy and information about Rome.  She is passionate about travel and well travelled herself.  She  thoughfully provides "little extras" and interesting information to guests during their stay. There are recycled guide books and brochures from the  tourist office and a book... Continue Reading →

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